Our Distant Cousin (Part II)

Alexander pestered me about it all summer, as we saved up the money for train tickets to the other side of the country where our distant cousin once lived. The copies came in instalments, and I hid them from him in a box beneath my bed. I decided to leave them unopened. I’m embarrassed to … Continue reading Our Distant Cousin (Part II)

Our Distant Cousin (Part I)

I remember that morning with unusual clarity. It is now vivid by the nature of its ordinariness. I took a tepid bath, while Alexander was still asleep. At eight o’clock I woke him, and as he bathed in the leftover water I prepared breakfast on the gas stove, for Alexander does not do well around … Continue reading Our Distant Cousin (Part I)

The First Edition (Part II)

There’s a moment’s silence. Anna walks in with caution, adorned in their mother’s old dress, her sister’s old pearls. She regards Anna – at how the sequins on the lapels have been safety-pinned back on, how low-cut it is, how low-cut it would have been for their mother. How sleek and black and altogether perfectly … Continue reading The First Edition (Part II)